Carbon nanotube

What is Compound 9?

C9 is the new and exciting hand formable Carbon which enables
to “3d-print” with your bare hands and some hot water.



C9 melts to a putty-like consistency at only 50°C (122°F), easily achieved with hot water or air. You can form it into any shape you like. And because of its low heat conductivity, it doesn’t feel very hot, even at higher temperatures.

treeUnlimited Reusability

If you have built something and it didn’t work out or if you have an old project which is obsolete by now, simply put it in hot water and start again from where Compound 9 was shipped to you. Hopefully it will never become something called “waste”.

hammer High Impact Resistance

Compound 9 shows very high inner damping characteristics. Combined with its ductile nature it suits perfectly when shock absorbing capacity is required.

cross Self Healing

Minor inner micro-cracks can heal at room temperature and over days, as long as there is compressive internal stress involved.



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bodybuilder Super Strong

Its tensile strength per weight competes with construction steel, whereas its stiffness is rather similar to modern plastics. Video

wrench Easy Repairability

If sudden mechanical overload has damaged the part you have built, simply heat up the area where the damage has occurred. Now, you can either form it back to its original state or reinforce the area with more C9 to make it stronger. Iterate this (damage<->reinforce) over and over again and you will archive the greatest design with least material and weight nature can offer. Video

rod Prototyping Reinvented

You don’t need to invest in machinery or tools. Things in your household will do the job. Drill holes with drinking straws, cut sheets with scissors. Of course, established industry machines will result in much higher precision and reproducibility. But for prototyping / proof of concept and functionality, it should do the job.

plane Ultra Lightweight

With a density of only 1.3 g/cm^3 it is much less dense than steel or aluminum.



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Educational graduate icon Purpose

balken illu

Intuitive – Iterative – Learning

After a while playing around with Compound 9 you will probably develop a certain understanding and feeling for constructional design. You will intuitively figure out how to make things stronger, make them less flexible or use less material. You might get a feeling for the laws of nature rather than finding designs with modern science, mathematics and complex computer simulations. Our ancestors, many hundred years ago, have found genius solutions without modern education, which was found in the industrial revolution and hasn’t changed since. By iterating what you do, you will get better and better and might achieve mastery. Learning with C9 can amuse and is less frustrating, you get instant feedback and fast trail&error loops.

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

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You have realized an idea with the help of C9 and a Video of it on YouTube? Each time your Video beats a certain interest level (one of the left shown view marks), you will get one Pack of C9 for free! Worldwide.


Yes it does. But not very well. For low voltage applications (<30V) you can expect a current of around 2 mA at a distance of 1 cm. The electrical resistance will exponentially decrease with increasing voltage.
Yes. C9 consists of bio-compatible elements which can also be found in the medical industry. It is really safe for use, but don’t burn yourself.
When heated up without any water, it does stick to certain types of plastic
Do not heat up C9 beyond 110°C (230°F). At >200°C (>400°F) heavily degeneration will occur.


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